Samantha is leaving – The harsh reality of the IT-staff shortage

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Samantha is leaving. That’s annoying, because as a security architect, Sam has been involved with the company since the start, and she knows like no other what the company network looks like. But, there’s a shortage of IT staff and Sam has found a wonderful new challenge.

Bye, Sam!

This shortage of staff in the IT market is nothing new: companies struggle to find and maintain good IT staff, a lack of specific knowledge and skills amongst IT staff makes a large number of job ads hard to fill and it’s becoming more and more normal to regularly switch jobs. Perhaps you’ve even heard of the jobs on the black market that pay better than any normal IT job.

You found your Sam, a skilled IT staff member, and then she just leaves again after three years…

Look at the future

Then there’s the developments predicted for the future. According to the World Economic Forum, by 2025 about 85 million jobs will be lost worldwide due to the consequences of technological progress and automation. The flipside being that 97 million new jobs are predicted to be added, but that’s different work that requires other skills.

In short, finding and maintaining new IT talent is a challenge for any company. So, it’s a matter of finding a solution that allows you to keep Sam on board.

What is the solution?

Of course, there are solutions. As a company you can invest in training courses for your employees, try to attract students, set up traineeships, bring the education demands for these jobs down; you name it.

But all these possibilities require a big investment from your company. And not every company has the budget to finance this, or the means and expertise to train their current staff. Especially when you take into consideration that any staff you train, may then find another job in a few months, meaning you won’t even get your worth out of investing in these people.

Our solution?

Outsource it. Finding the talent, educating and training the talent and keeping them on board can all be outsourced if you decide on a managed cybersecurity service. It’s not quite that easy (see also, our blog about the cybersecurity industry’s ‘dirty little secret’ (Dutch)), but it does relieve you of all the worries that come with bringing in and retaining cybersecurity talent.

We’ll be your Samantha

You don’t have to facilitate the application procedure any more, you no longer have to make sure that your IT staff is highly trained and keeps up with all the abundance of certificates this industry asks for, and someone else takes over the role of your fully operational cybersecurity conscience.

Our experienced and certified security analysts monitor your cybersecurity 24/7, so you can focus on the core content of your business.

We’ll be your Sam. And we’re not going anywhere.