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Stephanie van Wissen is Editor and Copywriter at ON2IT. She has a background in communications and marketing. She loves to write, as well as explore other creature pursuits, such as TTRPGs and digital art.


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Allowing remote access, whether it is for remote workers or partners, is required for almost all enterprises. Especially since the big shift towards remote work of the past couple of years. But enabling remote access doesn’t just bring flexibility; it comes with a number of security concerns. Cybercriminals have honed in on the vulnerabilities of widely used remote work technologies. What are those technologies and what are those vulnerabilities?
Let’s assume for a moment that, one day, perhaps sooner, perhaps later, you will face the reality of a ransomware attack. Chances are that, in the moment, your cybersecurity team will turn to you as the decision maker.
An image of cybersecurity heroes in Hollywood.
Hollywood has a knack for dramatizing the digital battlefield. Let’s peel back the Hollywood façade and shine a light on what cybersecurity really looks like in the command centers of SOCs and CSIRTS.
A Cyber Security Incident Response Team is the emergency room of cybersecurity. You don’t want to need one, but once something bad happens, the ER doctors might just save your life. You don’t want to need critical incident response, but once a cyber incident occurs, you’ll be glad you have a team ready.
This may sound extreme to some, but once the national legislations around the Network and Information Systems Directive 2 (NIS2) are finalized, this can become your reality. NIS2 has been in effect since January 2023, with a deadline of October 2024 for EU member states to publish and implement policy. Not only does NIS2 dictate … Read more
The MGM Resorts attack Hotel and entertainment giant MGM Resorts has been left dealing with serious consequences after a cyber-attack that kicked off with a fraudulent call to their service desk. The attack has reportedly led to outages of their internal networks, ATMs, slot machines, digital room key cards, and electronic payment systems. Even TV … Read more
The thing is, many companies don’t stop to think about the status of their cybersecurity until a problem arises. Whether it’s a sudden transition to remote work or the abrupt implementation or alteration of compliance guidelines, the moment to then start thinking about your cybersecurity will already have passed. With these significant and abrupt transformations, … Read more
Cyber Resielience
In the digital age, where the fabric of our interconnected world is woven with threads of data and technology, the imperative for cyber resilience has never been more urgent.