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The zero trust dictionary

An authoritative lexicon on Zero Trust terminology

Zero Trust is everywhere. Everyone is talking about it and writing about it. That’s why we have summarized the most essential information about authentic Zero Trust in one authoritative lexicon. If you’re looking for structured information about this security strategy, this is a must-read.

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Zero Trust Dictionary by John Kindervag

Guides & Papers


How Zero Trust eases the compliance burden

This paper examines the complexity of both implementing Zero Trust and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and frameworks.



Fifty years of Zero Trust lessons

This whitepaper takes a look at what lessons we have learned from many years of Zero Trust implementation.



A hands on approach to Zero Trust implementation

This whitepaper looks at what the logical place to start is for Zero Trust implementation and walks you through the five steps of the Zero Trust strategy.



How Zero Trust reduces data breach costs

The cost of data breaches today is immense – both for organizations and for society. This includes a conceptual approach to reduce the cost of a data breach



Why a Zero Trust strategy stops data breaches

Using Log4j as an example, this tech paper delves into how Zero Trust helps you face unknown threats.

Datasheets & Infographics


A Zero Trust Primer

A clear infographic that depicts the Zero Trust design principles, the 5 steps and Zero Trust as a Service.


Fast-Track your Zero Trust Cybersecurity

The ZTaaS capability provided by ON2IT and Palo Alto Networks brings together leading cybersecurity technologies and expertise to create the market’s most advanced SOC technologies.


Zero Trust as a Service

The unique Zero Trust as a Service approach combines expert services and proprietary Zero Trust AUXOTM platform.


Zero Trust Fast Track

Our Zero Trust Fast Track is designed for organizations that are ready to get started, quickly and efficiently.


Zero Trust Coaching

Our Zero Trust Coaching is designed especially for organizations that seek ongoing guidance and support.


Zero Trust Readiness

Our Zero Trust Readiness will help you understand the core tenets and benefits of Zero Trust, asses your current position and build the right Zero Trust roadmap for your unique environment.

Featured Blog articles

By John Kindervag

No More Sucking Chest Wounds

The world of cybersecurity continues to have a battlefield littered with sucking chest wounds that go untreated. We are too passive. Too afraid of action. Too intimidated to do the right thing for our organization. There are a ton of excuses for this…

By prof. Yuri Bobbert

Lessons learned from over sixty years of combined Zero Trust implementation

Practical lessons gathered from six experts in the field with a collective experience of over sixty years of actually implementing Zero Trust. The first article in this series focuses on designing the protect surface.

By Johan Bogema

Using more security products won’t solve your cybersecurity problem

Should you be taking a data-centric perspective on your security, with business goals in mind? Or is it easier just to add more products to check the boxes and make sure you pass the yearly audit