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NIS2 isn’t the first directive to be translated into legislation, nor will it be the last. When we look at what we can learn from previous legislation, these are the lessons we think the Dutch government should take to heart.
ON2IT announces the launch of three new services: Zero Trust Readiness, Zero Trust Fast Track and Zero Trust Coaching. The new ON2IT services, together referred to as Zero Trust RFC, have been designed to support organizations with successful Zero Trust implementations.
ON2IT, the managed cybersecurity service provider, announced today that it has expanded its Zero Trust as a Service (ZTaaS) platform AUXOTM with new features that allow customers to more easily meet compliance requirements, such as the NIS2 Directive.
ON2IT, the global managed security services company and Zero Trust innovator, announced that Zero Trust creator, John Kindervag, will join ON2IT as Senior VP Cybersecurity Strategy and Group Fellow.
With the appointment of Prof. Dr. Yuri Bobbert as Global Chief Information Security Officer, cybersecurity company ON2IT has acquired a cybersecurity expert with extensive theoretical and practical experience.
ON2IT announced that it will host managed services for Palo Alto Networks Cortex, the industry’s only open and integrated AI-based continuous security platform, starting with Cortex XDR.
There might be notable cultural differences between Europe and the US, but when it comes to cybersecurity, the challenges faced by enterprises on both sides of the Atlantic are 99 percent similar.
ON2IT announces that Ron Myers has been appointed as CRO. This announcement follows the recent opening of ON2IT’s first US office last October.
ON2IT, one of Europe’s largest pure-play cybersecurity service providers, announced the opening of its first US office in Plano, Texas.