ON2IT expands its Zero Trust as a Service (ZTaaS) platform with support for compliance

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February 8th 2023 – ON2IT, the managed cybersecurity service provider, announced today that it has expanded its Zero Trust as a Service (ZTaaS) platform AUXOTM with new features that allow customers to more easily meet compliance requirements, such as the NIS2 Directive. By combining a managed 24/7 SOC, Zero Trust dashboards and far-reaching compliance support, customers can more easily take the right steps to comply with laws and regulations.

According to ON2IT, it is becoming increasingly complex for organizations to comply with current laws and regulations such as the NIS2 Directive. ON2IT has therefore added these additional features to its cloud-based AUXOTM platform, which is the basis for their Zero Trust as a Service. ZTaaS supports 170 security industry frameworks, including the new NIS2 Directive. Both NIS2 and the European Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) place a heavy emphasis on preventing cyber incidents. Zero Trust is the only strategy based on prevention.

Support for the NIS2 Directive

Among other things, the additions to Zero Trust as a Service ensure that organizations get help in meeting the new requirements that the NIS2 Directive requires. The directive is applicable to vital medium and large organizations as of January 16th of this year. NIS2 increases cybersecurity requirements for about 160.000 vital European organizations. The legislation includes various requirements for 24/7 incident response, prevention, effectiveness of measures, maintaining basic computer hygiene, training employees, use of cryptography, asset management, access control and policies and procedures in case of incidents and crises. Enforcement and oversight of the implementation of NIS2 is going to be specified in the coming months. So-called Competent Authorities will be appointed locally for this purpose and will need to be expanded on with more knowledge and expertise. They will need to be able to check organizations for compliance with NIS2 at any given time. This is where the NIS2 Directive differs from the GDPR legislation, where organizations are only audited after an incident has occurred. The new features of the AUXOTM-platform ensure that all these regulations are taken into account.

“Yuri Bobbert, Global CSO at ON2IT: “Increasing legislation regarding cyber resilience and data privacy are in charge of today’s world. Keeping up with these rapidly changing regulatory requirements, such as the NIS2 Directive, has become one of the biggest challenges businesses face today. As a result, many security, risk, compliance and privacy teams are often playing catch-up. ON2IT’s ZTaaS contributes to a fact-based monitoring and supports compliance with a multitude of frameworks.”