Lieuwe Jan Koning


Lieuwe Jan Koning

Embrace Zero Trust with Ease

redefine what it means to have your services managed

Quickly gain the protective power of Zero Trust with ON2IT’s Zero Trust as a Service

ON2IT’s Zero Trust as a Service delivers a new approach to managed cybersecurity services, designed for prevention, enabling you to embrace Zero Trust with ease and 24/7 support from our comprehensive SOC team. We are Zero Trust.

Built on the Zero Trust strategy, Zero Trust As A Service delivers the industry’s strongest protection against cyber threats as a managed service.

the only mssp with zero trust as a service

The pillars of your cyberdefense

Zero Trust


ON2IT has designed and implemented Zero Trust environments for hundreds of organizations. Lieuwe-Jan Koning (CTO) and Yuri Bobbert (CISO) are world renowned Zero Trust experts.

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The first to offer the best of SIEM, SOAR, and MDR: the all-in-one automated managed service platform integrating our cutting-edge Eventflow™ technology for superior breach protection.

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CERTIFIED 24/7 managed SOC

Focus on your core business while the mSOC™ functions as your fully operational security conscience. Leverage the experience, skills, and latest tooling ON2IT’s Zero Trust experts offer.

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zero trust Prevents
Data Breaches

Secure your critical assets with unsurpassed protect surface management

Using a Zero Trust strategy reduces your overall attack surface by segmenting your infrastructure in much smaller protect surfaces, optimized to safeguard your valuable resources against known and unknown threats.

Zero Trust as a Service includes:

A transparent view of all protect surfaces and their DAAS elements, traffic patterns, preventive measures and threats per protect surface
Active management of all controls per protect surface
Zero Trust FitnessTM: a real-time view of the state of your cybersecurity
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AUXO - Zero Trust Platform

fast track your zero trust journey

Utilizing the NSTAC recommended Five-Step Methodology

Define the protect surface

Map the transaction flows

Build a Zero Trust architecture

Zero Trust Policy

Create a Zero Trust policy

Monitor Maintain Network

Monitor and maintain the network

The Five-Step Methodology is recommended by the NSTAC (The President’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee) in the Zero Trust and Trusted Identity Management draft report of March 2022.

Less staff

Our integrated AUXO™ solution to dramatically decrease your workload and free up valuable resources: Eventflow™

With our AI-based Eventflow™ automation, only one in every 100,000 events need manual inspection, so you get fewer alerts instead of more.


Ingests logs and events from a variety of security controls and cloud environments
Enriches and weighs each and every security event using the Zero Trust Contextualization Engine
Automates responses using our Rules of Engagement
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GET Unparalleled insight and actionable advice

Problem identification and recommended solutions after every critical event

24/7 visualization of your Zero Trust Fitness and policy validations in real-time

24/7 visualization of your Zero Trust FitnessTM and policy validations in real-time

Personalized Security Improvement Advisories to strengthen your security even further

Personalized Security Improvement Advisories to strengthen your security even further

Dashboards and reports on our SOC performance and all SOC analyst remediations

Dashboards and reports on our SOC performance and all SOC analyst remediations

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News, articles and opinions on cybersecurity

*This page is being actively maintained to provide you with the latest information. See changelog for changes made. IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR MANAGED CUSTOMERS Our mSOC™ is actively working around the clock to evaluate all devices for managed customers. Preventative measures have been rolled out to mitigate this threat. We contact … Read more
Allowing remote access, whether it is for remote workers or partners, is required for almost all enterprises. Especially since the big shift towards remote work of the past couple of years. But enabling remote access doesn’t just bring flexibility; it comes with a number of security concerns. Cybercriminals have honed in on the vulnerabilities of widely used remote work technologies. What are those technologies and what are those vulnerabilities?
Let’s assume for a moment that, one day, perhaps sooner, perhaps later, you will face the reality of a ransomware attack. Chances are that, in the moment, your cybersecurity team will turn to you as the decision maker.