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Lieuwe Jan Koning

Lieuwe Jan Koning, CTO

Organizations want to strengthen their dedication to cyber resilience by embracing the Zero Trust strategy. They recognize that security threats and human errors can happen at any moment and from any location.  

They have accepted that they’ll never have a clear insight into the next attack, but they do have a clear view on what they need to defend.

ON2IT’s Zero Trust RFC services ensure a hassle-free start to your Zero Trust project and give administrators and regulators insight into the progress.

The immediate effect: reduced impact of a data breach and faster recovery times. The lasting benefits: a more resilient organization and easier compliance with laws and regulations.

Want to know more about how ON2IT has been helping organizations with their Zero Trust strategy and implementation for over ten years? Curious about your Readiness, Fast Track and Coaching services?

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With Zero Trust RFC services, you no longer have an excuse to putt off implementing Zero Trust in your organization.

Lieuwe Jan Koning, CTO