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Essential Role of CSIRT in High-Impact Incidents

In the event of a high-impact cybersecurity incident, where rapid and effective response is crucial, the role of a Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) becomes paramount. A CSIRT is typically invoked to manage serious security breaches, providing specialized expertise to contain, analyze, and resolve the threat.

ON2IT’s CSIRT and SOC professionals, with their extensive knowledge across complex networks, cloud technologies, applications, and threat intelligence, are adept at handling such high-stakes situations. Their skills, developed over eighteen years of varied incident responses, ensure comprehensive and competent handling of any cyber challenge.

The ON2IT Advantage: Immediate Expertise and Preparedness

With ON2IT, you have the assurance of an always-ready team. Our CSIRT is perpetually prepared to spring into action, eliminating the need for assembling an ad hoc team during a crisis.

This readiness ensures quick and efficient incident management, which is crucial for minimizing the impact of cyber threats.

Global Cyber Expertise at Your Service

Our global team, available 24/7, offers more than just rapid response; it provides strategic and holistic insights into cybersecurity. Partnering with ON2IT means engaging with seasoned strategists and leaders in cybersecurity incident response, fortified by our extensive global experience and commitment to service excellence.

The ON2IT CSIRT team acted with the utmost professionalism and care when dealing with a data breach on our side.

Their intervention prevented potentially very costly business disruptions and collateral damage.”

CISO, Financial Institution, London, UK

Advantages of ON2IT’s Incident Response Retainer

Eighteen Years of Experience at Your Disposal

Our SOC analysts and CSIRT team work in close cooperation, bringing a wealth of experience in threat intel, infrastructure details, and remediation strategies. This integrated approach significantly accelerates effective incident responses, particularly for our existing customers with whom we have in-depth knowledge.

Streamlined and Cost-Effective Solutions

Our integrated CSIRT and SOC services offer streamlined communication and cost efficiency, reducing overhead and simplifying contract management.

Integrated Threat Intelligence and Resource Sharing

ON2IT’s AUXO™ platform exemplifies our commitment to comprehensive monitoring, providing our teams and clients with advanced tools for detecting and responding to incidents more effectively.

Building Cyber Resilience with ON2IT

Preparing Your Organization with ON2IT RFC

Our RFC approach is designed to strengthen your organization’s cyber resilience. We provide essential planning, preparation, training, and testing, equipping your team with proven methodologies to effectively manage cyber incidents.

The ON2IT Incident Response Retainer Advantage

Our retainer program ensures that our experienced professionals are immediately availability, providing 24/7 access, quick response times, pre-arranged legal frameworks, and specialized training for your team.

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