Three NIS2 pitfalls that the government should avoid

NIS2 isn’t the first directive to be translated into legislation, nor will it be the last. When we look at what we can learn from previous legislation, these are the lessons we think the Dutch government should take to heart.

What happens when the ON2IT CSIRT jumps into action: A Customer Incident Playback

Prevention should be the holy grail of any cybersecurity strategy, but we know that 100% prevention is not realistic. So, what exactly happens when a serious threat is detected? Using a recent incident as an example, it is enlightening to follow the chain of events that starts when human SOC analysts decide that CSIRT action is required.

NIS2 compliance may prevent 7-million-euro fines

NIS2 has been in effect since January 2023, with a deadline of October 2024 for EU member states to publish and implement policy. Not only does NIS2 dictate new, stricter cybersecurity guidelines, but if European legislators can prove gross negligence, fines for both your company and you as the CEO of the company will be quite significant.