Navigating Zero Trust – Part 1

Though Zero Trust is here to stay, that doesn’t mean implementation is easy. Rob Maas is one of the leading Zero Trust consultants and the Field CTO at ON2IT. In this blog series, he’ll provide background and tips based on his years of practical experience implementing Zero Trust. In this first blog of the series: … Read more

Samantha is leaving – The harsh reality of the IT-staff shortage

Samantha is leaving. That’s annoying, because as a security architect, Sam has been involved with the company since the start, and she knows like no other what the company network looks like. But, there’s a shortage of IT staff and Sam has found a wonderful new challenge. Bye, Sam! This shortage of staff in the … Read more

ROI van Cybersecurity

The impact of cybersecurity on your organization’s profit

Return on Investment (ROI) in the context of cybersecurity measures is a hot subject. Which makes sense, as technology providers don’t want to position cybersecurity as a cost with no return. But how accurate is that discussion? Return on investment is originally an economic concept. You invest a sum of money, and you want to know whether … Read more


This should keep you up at night as a CEO: cybersecurity on pager duty

An international container terminal, a factory run by robots, a power plant, all places where every minute of downtime has a huge impact. In such 24/7 environments, you don’t depend on an employee on pager duty to be alerted in case of a critical outage, wake up and get in their car. Of course, you … Read more

API Security – What you need to know

The 2022 Year-End API ThreatStatsTM Report provides some very interesting insights into the rise of attacks against API endpoints. They have set themselves the humongous task of diving through a mountain of attacks in order to figure out patterns and trends, and I for one, absolutely applaud them for it. The main items I’ve found … Read more

No More Sucking Chest Wounds

The world of cybersecurity continues to have a battlefield littered with sucking chest wounds that go untreated. We are too passive. Too afraid of action. Too intimidated to do the right thing for our organization. There are a ton of excuses for this…