Zero Trust’s creator John Kindervag shares his insights with VentureBeat — Part II

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Author: John Kindervag

The NSTAC and compliance are the big topics in part II of this interview with John Kindervag, done by VentureBeat.

In part I of this interview, he touched upon topics such as ‘how do the organizations overcome barriers to adopting and implementing Zero Trust’ and dives deeper into how Zero Trust is a Strategy and not a technology or product.

In part II, John shares insights into both his experience working at Forrester and his contribution to the President’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC) Draft on Zero Trust and Trusted Identity Management. 

He also highlights an unexpected but important consequence to Zero Trust.


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Zero Trust is everywhere. Everyone is talking about it and writing about it. That’s why we have summarized the most essential information about authentic Zero Trust in one authoritative lexicon. If you’re looking for structured information about this security strategy, this is a must-read.

Zero Trust Dictionary by John Kindervag

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