Design and Operation

PAN EDU-238 training course

Contents EDU-238 training course

During this 5-day hands-on training course you will learn how to effectively design, implement and operate a Prisma SD-WAN solution. 

You will gain hands-on experience with configuring Prisma SD-WAN and using Prisma SD-WAN services.


Information about the next generation of SD-WAN solutions.

The advantages compared to legacy WAN and SD-WAN implementations.

How to best configure and use this solution.

Download the official datasheet


Participants should have basic knowledge of routing and switching, including Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

Participants should have experience with setting up and maintaining WANs

Participants should be familiar with network monitoring tools such as LiveAction, Netscout, and Splunk

Experience with DNS, DHCP, and IP management tools

Be familiar with scripting and APIs relating to netwerk automation

Target Audience

Network Engineers, Network Administrators, Network Security Engineer, Network Architects and NOC Administrators.

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