Prisma Access SASE Security:
Design and Operation

PAN EDU-318 training course

Contents EDU-318 training course

This training course covers Prisma Access Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and how it helps organizations embrace the cloud and mobility by providing network and network security services from the cloud.

The training course is designed for public cloud security and cybersecurity professionals, or anyone who wants to learn how to secure remote networks and mobile users.


Understand how to better protect applications, remote networks and mobile users using a SASE implementation.

Hands-on experience configuring, managing and troubleshooting Prism Access in a lab environment.

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Basic knowledge of cloud computing and the public cloud.

Participants should have successfully completed the EDU-210 Firewall Essentials – Configuration and Management course.

Participants should have successfully completed the EDU-220 Panorama – Managing firewalls at scale course or have similar experience managing multiple firewalls.

Participants should also have experience with networking concepts such as routing, switching and IP addressing.

Target Audience

Security Engineers, Security Administrators, Security Operations Specialists, Security Analysts and Network Engineers.

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