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Why Managed?

Stay in control, focus on your core business

It’s an expensive and time-consuming task to keep your cybersecurity in order at all times. Do you have the right people and budget to keep a Security Operations Center running?

Do you keep IT security in-house and be sure that you are actually ‘in control’ of your data security? Or do you prefer a guaranteed outcome for a fixed price?

With the ever-increasing variety of security risks, companies often lack the resources – including an adequate budget and well-qualified staff – needed to protect their systems 24/7.

With the ON2IT Managed Security Services we take care of the security process so you can focus on what is really important: managing your business and realizing growth.


managed SOC

Outsource your cybersecurity expertise

The ON2IT mSOC™ gives you complete IT security in a way that is difficult for many organizations to achieve internally. It’s hard to find and retain the right people – the ‘war for talent’ is still raging – and budgets are often insufficient.

Our mSOC™ offers world-class 24/7 managed detection and response, augmented by a unique set of prevention and compliance services, all bundled as Zero Trust as a Service.

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24/7 SOC

Your fully operational security conscience.

SOAR Technology

Our in-house developed Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) Platform.


On demand team prepared to deal with all types of cybersecurity incidents.

SIEM Technology

Real-time monitoring and analysis of events with tracking and logging of security data for compliance or auditing purposes.


The most advanced endpoint detection and response, with comprehensive data collection for extended visibility.


The Zero Trust SOAR Platform

The ON2IT mSOC™ operates from our in-house developed Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) Platform: the automated center for our Managed Security Services. We provide our Zero Trust as a Service customers with AUXO™, the extended version of our SOAR platform.

AUXO™ gives customers access to the essential Zero Trust building blocks, including the five-step model, in a comprehensive, affordable and easy-to-consume service offering.

Monitor the state of your IT security
Detect and investigate threats
Adjust policies and make security improvements
Receive recommendations for solving incidents and strengthening your infrastructure
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