Managed IOT Security

IoT is literally everywhere

IoT is an area so broad that security professionals in many industries tend to give it a wide berth, unless they really can’t avoid it. At the same time, IoT is literally everywhere. From your security cameras to the robots in the car factory, the blood pressure monitor at the hospital or the smart TVs in homes and offices; IoT is ever expanding.

the challenge of iot

A lack of visibility and security

IoT didn’t drop from the sky, and in many ways touches on the strategy and measures that we use for ‘regular’ IT and OT that we use daily, both in the in-house data center and in the cloud. In addition, cybersecurity vendors like Palo Alto Networks have added specific solutions for IoT security to their portfolio in recent years.

What are you up against with the growth of IoT?


Many organizations lack a good understanding of which IoT devices are in the network and how to track these and new devices.


There is a lack of integrated security in operating systems of IoT devices that are difficult or impossible to patch.


Management of IoT devices by different teams within the company leads to new risks.


There is a tremendous diversity of IoT devices in terms of limitless forms and functions.


IoT devices are crucial to core operations, but difficult for IT departments to integrate into their day-to-day cybersecurity operations.

the ON2IT Reach and Risk scan

Instant insight into your IoT devices

Together with Palo Alto Networks, ON2IT developed an in-depth and fully automated IoT Reach and Risk scan, that takes inventory of all your devices in your network and creates an industry specific risk profile. This scan provides insight into:

The number of IoT devices in your network
The vulnerabilities and the risk you run
The effectiveness of your current security measures
Detected malware / malicious activity

After the scan, you will receive an executive report and we will present out findings to you.

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