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As dawn breaks, the world’s workforce stirs with the gentle tap of fingers on keyboards from kitchen tables to living room couches. The transformation from bustling office floors to quiet, remote workspaces didn’t happen overnight. It was a revolution, quiet but profound, brought forth by necessity as much as innovation.

For enterprises large and small, remote access is no longer a luxury; it’s an imperative. The once-crystal-clear boundaries between “work” and “home” have blurred, creating a tapestry of workspaces as diverse as the people who populate them.

In this environment, however, lie threats that are not always seen, but ever-present.

Enter the world of Lieuwe Jan Koning, Luca Cipriano and Rob Maas, our cybersecurity specialists whose very names evoke the wisdom and courage of digital knights.

In this ‘Does remote work?‘ episode of Threat Talks, they invite us to pull up a chair at their podcast. Live from ON2IT’s own Security Operations Center, they discuss the siege on remote work technologies by cybercriminals, dissecting the vulnerabilities with the precision of seasoned threat intel specialists.

What are these technologies that bind us to our work from the confines of our homes? What vulnerabilities in their security systems have given cybercriminals the opportunity to attack? Given these security risks, do companies still have an option to not allow remote access? Or has remote access become a permanent feature of the workplace? What if your datacenter is (partly) in the cloud, does that count as remote work?

Join us as we delve into these pressing questions, including the curious recommendation from the FBI and NSA: the weekly rebooting of your home router. Does remote work still stand strong in the face of these threats?

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Citrix Netscaler

In the intricate world of network security, the discovery of a vulnerability within Citrix Netscaler has emerged as a critical chapter that demanded attention. A few months ago, this gap in the digital fortress came to light, and it remains a pressing concern in the present-day cybersecurity landscape.

Luca Cipriano and Lieuwe Jan Koning have turned their focus to this issue, intent on dissecting the complexity of the vulnerability to better understand its implications. Their exploration is not just academic; it serves a vital purpose in uncovering how cybercriminals have managed to execute code on networks remotely without the need for authentication—a grave threat to any organization’s digital defenses.

In this technical yet accessible analysis, Cipriano and Koning will walk us through the nuances that elevate this vulnerability to a significant risk for network security. They will explain the mechanics behind unauthorized remote code execution and the potential dangers it poses.

This Deep Dive exploration is essential for IT professionals and business leaders alike, as understanding the mechanics of such vulnerabilities is the first step in fortifying defenses against them. Follow along as we take a closer look at the Citrix Netscaler vulnerability through the lens of our threat intel specialists, and gain insights into safeguarding your network against such sophisticated threats.

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