Security architecture & implementation

Security architecture developed by ON2IT is based on the Zero Trust Strategy: segmentation, visibility, control and protection of the most important data.

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A tailored Zero Trust approach

Every security architecture ON2IT develops for a client is based on the basic concepts of the Zero Trust Strategy: segmentation, visibility, control and protection of the crown jewels.

This architecture is fully described in the ON2IT Zero Trust Security Framework. However, the approach is always based on the specific technical and organizational context of the client.

After an intake procedure, we first elaborate our vision and advice in a so-called high-level design proposal. This does not yet relate to specific hardware, software or cloud services, but serves as a reference architecture.

security architecture & implementation


From design to implementation

After a thorough examination of the high-level design – which of course is drawn up in accordance with Zero Trust – a translation into a detailed design (low-level design) follows. In this low-level design consultants specify the functional design of the chosen strategy, such as network configuration, hardware and software components and managed services.

In the implementation phase that follows, we set up equipment and software together with the client, but also the processes for user rights or, for example, IT security emergencies.

Once implementation is completed and tested, delivery documentation is provided by the ON2IT security consultant. The ON2IT Managed Security Operations Center can then take care of security incident management and monitoring.


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