Managed Security Services

Security with 24/7 care for your hardware and data, wherever they may be. The ON2IT Managed Security Services Center provides visibility and control for your IT security.

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Are you in control of your data security?

Attending to data security requires continuous adjustments to the fast-changing IT security landscape. Keeping data secure and in compliance in this changing world is quite a challenge with significant consequences.

What will you choose? Will you manage your IT security yourself, and are you always up to date on the latest threats? And are you convinced that the correct people are always available to guarantee reliable security? In other words: Are you in control of your data security?

What if you could have all your IT security concerns taken care of by someone else? Many organizations are already convinced they’ve made the right choice with ON2IT Managed Security Services. It provides them with important IT security support, fully classified and dedicated professionals, and continuous confirmation of effective IT security.

Managed Security Service provides visibility and control of your data, wherever this data might be.


Why ON2IT Managed Security Services

We are the initiator of the Zero Trust philosophy in the Netherlands and an early adopter of Zero Trust principles in all of our IT security solutions. Zero Trust is the starting point for better IT security policy, control and validation of your data. With our Zero Trust Security Framework and our in-house developed Security Automation and Orchestration Platform, ON2IT provides:

Zero Trust

Security Operations Center (SOC)

The Security Operations Center (SOC) is the epicenter of the ON2IT Managed Security Services. Our innovative ON2IT Security Automation & Orchestration Platform is operated by IT security specialists. They look after our customers’ hardware and data 24/7, wherever the data is located.

Whether it concerns the data center, network, endpoints or cloud: the ON2IT SOC protects, investigates and controls IT security. The SOC offers various service components:

Zero Trust SOC-as-a-Service app

Event Flow: intelligent threat management

Event Flow doesn’t just provide raw data, it interprets the data and makes suggestions for concrete solutions to mitigate detected threats. It’s not unusual for  120,000 security incidents per month at an organization to be reduced to 20 incidents that actually require attention.

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The advantages of ON2IT Managed Security Services

With ON2IT Managed Security Services, you will receive:

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