NIS2 compliance may prevent 7-million-euro fines

Picture this: you are the CEO of a company that’s dealing with a ransomware attack and now you’re being told that, on top of dealing with your company being shut down for a number of days, you may also be facing fines. Not just your company, but you yourself as well, as you may be … Read more

An image of coins under the text 'How Zero Trust as a Service reduces the cost of a data breach'

How Zero Trust as a Service reduces the cost of a data breach

In risk management, the formula Risk = Likelihood × Impact is foundational. Here’s how it works: Likelihood: The probability of a specific event occurring. Impact: The severity of consequences if the risk event materializes. This can be gauged in terms of financial loss, people affected, asset damage, or delays. Multiplying these factors gives a numerical … Read more

Cyber Resielience

The silver lining of cyber resilience

In the digital age, where the fabric of our interconnected world is woven with threads of data and technology, the imperative for cyber resilience has never been more urgent. Today’s enterprise architectures stand at a crossroads, facing a storm of targeted cyberattacks that threaten not only their systems, but also the very essence of their … Read more

Ladies and gentlemen of the board

Cybersecurity remains a top priority of businesses, but the harsh reality of cybersecurity is that the investment can be hard to sell. The costs are easy to specify, the return is less easy to convey. As a CISO, or a head of IT: how do you appeal to the board to make sure they understand … Read more

Samantha is leaving – The harsh reality of the IT-staff shortage

Samantha is leaving. That’s annoying, because as a security architect, Sam has been involved with the company since the start, and she knows like no other what the company network looks like. But, there’s a shortage of IT staff and Sam has found a wonderful new challenge. Bye, Sam! This shortage of staff in the … Read more

ROI van Cybersecurity

The impact of cybersecurity on your organization’s profit

Return on Investment (ROI) in the context of cybersecurity measures is a hot subject. Which makes sense, as technology providers don’t want to position cybersecurity as a cost with no return. But how accurate is that discussion? Return on investment is originally an economic concept. You invest a sum of money, and you want to know whether … Read more