The MGM Resorts attack and its impact on the supply chain

One of the most notable data breaches this year was the MGM Resorts attack, which not only caused serious disruptions to MGM’s business, but also had far-reaching implications for their supply chain.

The Dynamic Update of Protect Surface Metadata

In our interconnected digital age, robust cybersecurity is as much about understanding what you’re defending as it is about the intricacies of the defenses themselves. Think of digital assets as a vast castle.

The Log4j lessons: If it ain’t broke, fix it now!

Although Log4j and follow-up attack vectors are still a real threat for many organizations, it’s certainly not too early to draw lessons learned from this episode. What made Log4j different from other ‘classic’ 2021 vulnerabilities such as Citrix, Kaseya, and Hafnium (Exchange) is the fact that it was much harder for organizations to pinpoint if they were vulnerable.

Using more security products won’t solve your cybersecurity problem

As we start using more and more products (whether from a cloud supplier or using an on-prem solution) we also need to implement more security measures.

Every separate business product has its own security requirements and solutions and the task is upon the security department to make sure that everything is used in a safe and secure manner.