Why critical incident response is the ER of cybersecurity

A Cyber Security Incident Response Team is the emergency room of cybersecurity. You don’t want to need one, but once something bad happens, the ER doctors might just save your life. You don’t want to need critical incident response, but once a cyber incident occurs, you’ll be glad you have a team ready.

The impact of cybersecurity on your organization’s profit

Return on Investment (ROI) in the context of cybersecurity measures is a hot subject. Which makes sense, as technology providers don’t want to position cybersecurity as a cost with no return. But how accurate is that discussion?

This should keep you up at night as a CEO: cybersecurity on pager duty

Strangely, most companies, including larger organizations, have set up their cybersecurity according to the above pager duty model. Truly incomprehensible, as cold statistics tell you that ransomware, data theft or cyber sabotage are a great threat to continuity than the traditional calamities that we do adequately deal with.