Lieuwe Jan Koning

Lieuwe Jan Koning is Co-Founder and CTO of ON2IT and the creator of ON2IT’s AUXO™, the proprietary Zero Trust as a Service platform. This is one of the many ways he shows he is committed to innovation that delivers leading edge Zero Trust cybersecurity solutions, services and support.

In addition to his broad knowledge of ICT, he has always had a passion for IT security. He was one of the first to introduce the Zero Trust strategy on the European market, together with major players like Palo Alto Networks and VMware. Lieuwe Jan’s creativity, combined with his specialistic technical knowledge, makes him a valuable sparring partner in solving in-depth security issues.


Blogs By Lieuwe Jan Koning

On February 24, we sent out a security update on the cybersecurity implications of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In this new bulletin, we give you a status update on the most recent developments.
When your IT-department is confronted with a serious threat such as Log4j, you should be able to focus on problems that precede the question of whether you should and can patch or not.
Although Log4j and follow-up attack vectors are still a real threat for many organizations, it’s certainly not too early to draw lessons learned from this episode. What made Log4j different from other ‘classic’ 2021 vulnerabilities such as Citrix, Kaseya, and Hafnium (Exchange) is the fact that it was much harder for organizations to pinpoint if they were vulnerable.