Johan Bogema

Johan Bogema is ON2IT Product Owner Cloud & Endpoint Security. Johan has years of experience with Zero Trust security implementations within large scale cloud transformations.


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In our interconnected digital age, robust cybersecurity is as much about understanding what you’re defending as it is about the intricacies of the defenses themselves. Think of digital assets as a vast castle.
The main items I’ve found to be of interest are the scale at which attacks against APIs have grown (+192% from 2022), the reiteration of the fact that attackers do not care about the OWASP Top 10 and the focus on Open Source Software (OSS). Why Open Source is great To start with the last … Read more
They also know that, somewhere in the office, there is a supplies rack on which there is this nice cardboard box with product X. That nice cardboard box is there for one simple reason: to be able to affirmatively answer the question of “do you have checkbox alpha?”. However, it’s in a cardboax box on … Read more
The increasing popularity of Zero Trust means that more and more is written about it. Unfortunately, the many online publications show that there are quite a few misgivings – and that not everyone understands what exactly is the purpose of Zero Trust.