Webinar – December 12th 2023

A Zero trust roundtable discussion

How Zero Trust eases the compliance burden


Nowadays, having to adhere to numerous rules and regulations adds a level of complexity to the already highly complex world of cybersecurity.

What regulations are relevant to the field you work in? And how do you make sure that you’re compliant with said regulations?

We believe that a solid cybersecurity strategy will help ease this compliance burden.

During this roundtable discussion, Yuri Bobbert (Global CISO ON2IT) and Bradford Cocke (ON2IT Sales Director Healthcare US) will tackle the following topics:

Why Zero Trust

What are the best practices for implementing Zero Trust

How to avoid common pitfalls and challenges

How to separate myths and realities

How to map Zero Trust to compliance frameworks

This roundtable discussion will take 45 minutes: if you have specific questions about Zero Trust, compliance or cybersecurity in your organization, this is a session you don’t want to miss!

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Hosted by

Yuri Bobbert, Global CISO ON2IT
Bradford Cocke, ON2IT Sales Director Healthcare US

Date & Time

Date: Tuesday, December 12th
5:00PM CEST (Europe) / 11:00AM EST (United States)

This is a 45 minute roundtable discussion. The session will take place via Meetingwizard.