Webinar – November 21st, 2023

managed Security

How affordable is your cybersecurity?

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This shortage of staff in the IT market is nothing new: companies struggle to find and maintain good IT staff, a lack of specific knowledge and skills amongst IT staff makes a large number of job ads hard to fill.

Aside from having to invest in your staff, you also need to ensure you have the right tools; all to prevent that you don’t have to spend even more money in case of a cybersecurity incident.

In short, cybersecurity expenses are no joke.

During this webinar, ON2IT Sales Manager Bob Dielis will take a closer look at the following subjects:

What does cybersecurity cost

How do you know what exactly to spend your money on

How affordable is cybersecurity

In short, a must-see for anyone dealing with cybersecurity within the organization.

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Bob Dielis
ON2IT Sales Manager

Date & Time

Date: Tuesday, November 21st
12:00 PM CEST (Europe)

This is a 45 minute webinar, including Q&A.The session will take place via Zoom.

This webinar is in Dutch.