Webinar – March 28th 2024

align your Incident Response with nis2 guidelines


Ever-evolving digital threats challenge organizations to digitally secure and defend themselves. The introduction of EU regulations such as NIS2, DORA, Cyber Resilience Act and GDPR aim to reduce the number of incidents, but also improve the response to an incident.

During this webinar, our CISO Tim Timmermans will discuss how organizations can effectively detect, report and respond to cybersecurity incidents in line with regulatory requirements, with a special focus on NIS2.

Topics that will be covered during the webinar:

Incident management regulatory requirements (NIS2, DORA, Cyber Resilience Act, GDPR)

Notification obligation: when and how to report an incident

Early incident detection and response

Steps you can take to prepare for an incident

The role of a CSIRT in incident response

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover if your incident response capabilities are up to par – or what extra steps you may need to take. 

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Hosted by

Tim Timmermans

Tim Timmermans, CISO ON2IT

Date & Time

Date: Thursday, March 28th
11AM EST (United States) / 4PM CET (Europe)

The session will take place via Zoom and will take approximately 45 minutes.