Live podcast – January 23rd 2024

Threat Talks ep. 1:



Join Lieuwe Jan Koning from ON2IT and Peter van Burgel from AMS-IX in the live premiere of Threat Talks, our new podcast diving into cybersecurity threats.

Leveraging ON2IT’s 18+ years of experience and AMS-IX’s extensive network expertise, they’ll explore the specifics of cybersecurity threats. Each episode, they are joined by new industry experts.

This THREAT TALKS episode focuses on:

★★ CAN’T DENY DDoS IN 2024? ★★

They will be joined by Threat Intel Specialist Luca Cipriano. Specific threats that will be discussed are Mirai, HTTP/2 Rapid Reset and Reflection and Amplification DDoS attacks.

The discussion will also cover:

What is a DDoS attack and how does it work?

Can DDoS attacks be entirely prevented?

What is my risk of a DDoS attack?

Threat Talks serves as your cybersecurity knowledge hub, breaking down the latest threats, exploring industry trends, and featuring experts.

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Hosted by

Lieuwe Jan Koning, CTO ON2IT

Peter van Burgel, CEO AMS-IX

Luca Cipriano, Threat Intel Specialist

Date & Time

Date: Tuesday, January 23rd
4:00PM CET (Europe) / 10:00AM EST (United States)

This session will take place via Zoom and will take approximately 45 minutes.