online Power Session – March 19th 2024

How to Prevent a Breach of

Patient Records


Almost every day, we hear about healthcare providers grappling with breaches concerning patient records. These incidents not only jeopardize patient privacy but also challenge the integrity and trustworthiness of healthcare providers.

Join us on March 19th, at 11AM EST (5PM CET) for an enlightening session, hosted by Prof. Dr. Yuri Bobbert, Chief Security Officer (CSO) at ON2IT, and Bradford Cocke, ON2IT’s Healthcare Sales Director US where they will address these pressing issues.

This event offers a platform to explore effective strategies and solutions as Prof. Dr. Yuri Bobbert and Bradford Cocke address the following key topics:

Challenges in healthcare data security

Strategies to protect patient data

Preventing data breaches in healthcare 

Interactive Q&A session

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to navigate the intricate landscape of healthcare compliance with confidence. Whether you are a healthcare executive, IT professional, or compliance officer, this roundtable promises valuable insights and actionable strategies.

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Hosted by

Yuri Bobbert, Global CISO ON2IT

Bradford Cocke, ON2IT Sales Director Healthcare US

Date & Time

Tuesday, March 19th
11AM EST (United States) / 5PM CET (Europe)

This session will take place via Zoom and will take approximately 45 minutes.