John Kindervag on the next step in Zero Trust

John Kindervag, now Forrester’s best-known security consultant, is the only speaker to present a keynote at all four Bright & Cloudy events since 2013. When in Utrecht, four years ago, the outspoken Texan announced that the traditional way of network security – with its trusted internal network and unreliable

Cloud security with Zero Trust – SaaS

No or only limited control, but still responsible and having to deal with potential adverse consequences. You can't just trust the security measures of your SaaS supplier. So, what should you do?

Network segmentation is not Zero Trust

The terms network segmentation and Zero Trust are used more and more and have turned into real buzzwords. We are asked more and more often whether or not we can segment the network. What is actually being asked is, can we help set up a Zero Trust environment.

Zero Trust: a means and not an end in itself

The increasing popularity of Zero Trust means that more and more is written about it. Unfortunately, the many online publications show that there are quite a few misgivings - and that not everyone understands what exactly is the purpose of Zero Trust.

Context is key: the data challenge of cybersecurity

One of the biggest challenges within cybersecurity is how to handle the sheer amount of data. Everyone in the field is familiar with the stories of failed SIEM implementations, because the number of false positives is simply too big for the available IT staff to have enough time and manpower to separate the useful from the useless.