Endpoint security with Traps

By now it is apparent that antivirus is reactive and the damage has already been done by the time anti-virus responds. Time to think about endpoint security instead of antivirus: prevention instead of responding!

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Traditional Antivirus is falling short

Malware and ransomware such as WannCry and Petya are commonplace threats. And by now it is apparent that traditional anti-virus programs fall short in defending against these attacks.

Anti-virus only responds to the result of the malware and reacts when in reality the damage has already been done: in many cases business continuity has been threatened. Preventive endpoint protection is the answer to the current threats.

Prevention instead of detection

By shifting the focus from consequence to cause, endpoint security has taken a completely different – and safer – turn. The advanced endpoint protection solution from Palo Alto Networks called Traps stops the core techniques that a hacker uses for an infection and also stops unknown malware and malicious activities. This makes Traps successful where anti-virus fails.

Endpoint security at ON2IT

Why do we work with Traps from Palo Alto Networks?

Advanced Endpoint Security vs. Anti-virus

Why Traps works better than traditional endpoint protection


Traditional endpoint protection

  • Detection

  • Signatures

  • Resource load

  • Ransomware detection:

  • Daily updates

  • Downtime

  • Updates immediately required


Advanced endpoint protection

  • Prevention

  • Signatureless

  • 0.1% Resource load

  • Ransomware detection:
    fully, incl. 0 days

  • Protection without updates

  • Always on

  • Out-of-the-box protection

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Would you like to see and experience the advantages of Traps by means of a Proof of Concept (PoC)?

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Managed Traps

With our many years of experience in Managed Security Services, we also offer Managed Traps. The ON2IT Managed Security Service saves you time and money.

Security monitoring by our IT security specialists offers you the opportunity to focus your attention and resources on other areas.

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ON2IT | Zero Trust Innovators

Next-Generation Security Platform

Traps is part of the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform. Traps integrates with WildFire, the threat intelligence cloud from Palo Alto Networks. And that ensures that also zero-day threats are identified. Something that traditional antivirus suppliers have a lot of difficulty doing.

Antivirus discovers only 37.5% of the unknown malware that it offered to WildFire. As a customer, you don’t necessarily need to have a Palo Alto Networks firewall in order to use Traps.

As an integral part of the Palo Alto Networks next-generation security platform, Traps always benefits from the platform and its capabilities.

Traps is onderdeel van het Next-Generation Security Platform van Palo Alto Networks

Features in cloud based Traps 5.0

The latest release of Traps contains a number of new features

Traps Management Service

Linux support

Proactive scanning

New user interface

Logging service integration

Traps downloads

Traps datasheet
Technical document

NSS Labs rapport on Traps
Independent report

What customers are saying about Traps

It is precisely in the field of healthcare that it is important to be able to protect legacy control systems and applications. Because of the monopoly position that many suppliers have, systems often cannot have the most recent software and operating systems.

Traps mitigates this frequently seen security risk so that offering optimal ICT in the healthcare sector is better secured.

Pieter van Gemeren
Enterprise Architect – Haaglanden/Bronovo-Nebo Medical Center

Do you use Java, PDFs or Flash? Then you are actually required to use Traps.

David Maas
System Administrator – Housing Corporation WoonInvest

After multiple infections from a zero-day CryptoLocker, the signature-based antivirus / anti-malware proved to be no longer sufficient. An advanced solution was needed for more than 300,000 new pieces of malware per day worldwide.

The implementation of Traps really helped us here. And it also gives us a good insight into the software used and newly launched executables in the workplace environment.

Leen Peeman
Information Provision Expert – Netherlands Educational and Social Service Provider Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO)

Traps is a proven solution

Traps has been certified by independent security institutes and is recognized by analysts as well as by the media.



ON2IT is a Traps specialist. We have a great deal of experience in the implementation of Traps at our customers, and we were the first Traps specialist worldwide to give the training ‘Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection’. ON2IT is a Palo Alto Networks partner since 2008 and has the highest status – Diamond partner. In addition, ON2IT has been recognized as an Authorized Support Center and Authorized Training Center since 2009.

ON2IT offers cybersecurity solutions and managed cybersecurity services to European companies who are globally active. This occurs based on the ON2IT Zero Trust Security Framework that has been specially developed for this purpose.

Our own managed services portal, developed in-house, is the central window from where services, policy, threat management and reporting are delivered. With ON2IT security services and solutions, organizations are able to demonstrate they are in control of their information security: they satisfy national and international privacy directives, have insight into cybersecurity threats, and properly secure endpoints, IT infrastructure, data center and cloud. ON2IT collaborates with leading security partners and is ISO27001-certified.

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