Endpointsecurity with Traps

We use Palo Alto Networks Traps to minimize endpoint infections by blocking malware, exploits and ransomware. Traps uses a unique identification process of exploit techniques. We would like to show you exactly how it works during a Proof of Concept.

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Stop endpoint attacks before they even begin

Nowadays, cyberthreats are so advanced that they can bypass traditional endpoint protection. Traps, a cloud-based endpoint security solution, combines powerful endpoint protection technology with comprehensive endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities.

Traps helps security teams to automatically detect and respond to known, unknown and advanced attacks using machine learning and AI techniques that are applied to endpoint, network and cloud data.

Combined with Cortex XDR, you can use Traps to easily extend prevention capabilities with detection and response across your entire digital infrastructure. This results in excellent security and easy access to all the data you need for a thorough root cause analysis.

Secure your organization with Cortex XDR and Traps

The unique combination of Cortex XDR and Traps – that comes standard with Cortex XDR – gives you everything you need to secure your organization. We distinguish 4 phases: prevention, detection, analysis and response.

PAN Cortex XDR


The tight integration between network, endpoint and cloud further enhances security and provides tiered prevention against zero-day attacks.
When a firewall detects a new piece of malware, or an endpoint detects a new threat, measures are made available automatically, and within minutes, to all other next-generation firewalls and endpoints using Traps.

Automatisch detecteren

Automatic detection

Cortex XDR, that uses behavioral analysis and machine learning, makes it possible to automatically detect attacks.

With customized detection rules you can detect certain combinations of attributes and activities. Plus, you can create your own rules to identify specific threats.

Analyseren en Onderzoeken

Analysis and research

By combining network, endpoint, and cloud data Cortex XDR helps you quickly identify the root cause of an attack. As an example, it does not only identify which endpoint executable was responsible for a network attack, but also sees what application launched that particular executable.

Cortex XDR helps analysts to understand the cause of an attack. It also produces a timeline of the events that led to the attack, and provides integrated threat intelligence. The security team thus knows exactly what the threat consists of and what action they should take.

Reageren en Aanpassen

Response and adjustments

As a next step, analysts can respond to threats and adapt their defenses. Good integration with existing enforcement points allows analysts to stop attacks. They can also adapt the detection rules by applying the acquired knowledge for future research.

Traps 6.0

The latest version, Traps 6.0, contains a Behavioral Threat Protection engine that can stop advanced threats in real time, by linking a series of events in order to identify malicious activity. Traps 6.0 acts as a kind of data collection sensor for Cortex Data Lake.

Proof of Concept

Would you like to know how your organization can use Traps with Cortex XDR, and how ON2IT can help you? Then we would like to demonstrate the advantages of an XDR solution during an obligation-free Proof of Concept.

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Managed Traps

With our many years of experience in Managed Security Services, we also offer Managed Traps. The ON2IT Managed Security Service saves you time and money.

Security monitoring by our IT security specialists offers you the opportunity to focus your attention and resources on other areas.

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What customers are saying about Traps

It is precisely in the field of healthcare that it is important to be able to protect legacy control systems and applications. Because of the monopoly position that many suppliers have, systems often cannot have the most recent software and operating systems.

Traps mitigates this frequently seen security risk so that offering optimal ICT in the healthcare sector is better secured.

Pieter van Gemeren
Enterprise Architect – Haaglanden/Bronovo-Nebo Medical Center

Do you use Java, PDFs or Flash? Then you are actually required to use Traps.

David Maas
System Administrator – Housing Corporation WoonInvest

After multiple infections from a zero-day CryptoLocker, the signature-based antivirus / anti-malware proved to be no longer sufficient. An advanced solution was needed for more than 300,000 new pieces of malware per day worldwide.

The implementation of Traps really helped us here. And it also gives us a good insight into the software used and newly launched executables in the workplace environment.

Leen Peeman
Information Provision Expert – Netherlands Educational and Social Service Provider Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO)