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The requirements for good security in the public cloud – in addition to awareness of shared responsibility – are insight, control and proven compliance.

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For a secure public cloud, make sure you have visibility and control!

These days, data and applications are no longer solely on-site but are found especially in public cloud environments. The Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) environments of Azure and Amazon, for example, have already demonstrated their business value, but protection of your data is not automatically included.


What you need for good cloud security

In addition to advanced automation and Zero Trust Strategy, ON2IT provide you with visibility and control over your data in the cloud.

  • Design

    Each cloud has its own features. All applications must be provided with their own security classification. High-level design of your cloud, that seamlessly coordinates with your IT security policy.

  • Insight

    We work with smart sensors that give you – at all times – an accurate view of your security, your traffic flows and who is using your data.

  • Control

    Control is enforced with the smartest prevention measures and best practices. A broad range of techniques automatically inspects the traffic for (un)known and suspect malware and malicious activities.

  • Compliance

    The introduction of the GDPR obligates you to have your data security under control, so also your data protection in the cloud. You have final responsibility and must be able to prove you are in control of information security in your organization. ON2IT guides the synthesis of your security policy, the technology and the operation on the basis of the ON2IT Zero Trust Security Framework.

What Managed Cloud Security at ON2IT includes

Our Managed Cloud Security is based on four pillars: Visibility, Control, Automation and proven Compliance.
The Managed Security Service contains the following components:

  • High-availability design

    We provide a high-availability design, in which we make use of the Amazon or Azure Load Balancer (possibly in combination with the Amazon or Azure Traffic Manager).

  • ON2IT Cybersecurity Platform

    We register all service requests, along with next steps and solutions, in the Security Automation & Orchestration Platform. You always have real-time insight into status and actions with the associated reports.

    With the ON2IT Security Automation & Orchestration Platform (SAOP) you have: 1 Service Point, 1 Policy Point, 1 Threat Point and 1 Reporting Point

  • Zero Trust

    We work according to the Zero Trust philosophy: never trust, always verify. With the help of our Zero Trust Security Framework, we make sure that policy, architecture and operation are coordinated.

  • Palo Alto Networks Next Gen Security Platform

    Identifies zero-day threats thanks to the focus on advanced automated prevention.


Automated cloud security

You already knew that you are responsible for your data in the cloud, but did you also know that automated cloud security should be a vital part of your IT security?

Consistent IT security in the IaaS and PaaS environments requires a different security strategy: the Zero Trust Strategy. Zero Trust assures you of the sustainable protection of your data, insight into compliance and a reduction in your operational costs.