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From a complete cloud-based Security Operations Center to customer-specific risk management and compliance solutions. ON2IT is the premier managed cybersecurity service provider with proven innovations and experience.

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Zero Trust Innovators

We are the cybersecurity specialist that helps organizations to protect their IT security the smart way, based on the Zero Trust Security principles. With more than 10 years’ experience in the rapidly changing world of IT, we offer efficient and innovative solutions for your IT security issues.

By ensuring our clients are ‘in-control’ with regards to IT security and compliant with (inter)national privacy laws and guidelines, ON2IT enables organizations to re-focus their attention on their core business.

Many international organizations are already familiar with our Security Automation & Operation Platform which is the central point for:

  • IT security policy

  • Threat Management

  • Reporting

  • Service

ON2IT | Zero Trust Innovators


IT security is changing

Due to the continuous changes in the IT landscape, the starting point for IT security has changed radically over the years.  The motto in conventional IT security, ‘keep hackers outside the network’, has made way for the Zero Trust Security principle of ‘protect your data and applications’.

Years ago, ON2IT recognized the importance of the Zero Trust principles of Forrester Research’s John Kindervag. Zero Trust was then further developed by ON2IT, included in each ON2IT solution, and used in numerous organizations throughout Europe.

Zero Trust Security is based on five principles, where the main goal is to reduce the impact of cyberattacks:

  • Rule 1: All resources are accessed in a secure manner, regardless of location

  • Rule 2: Least privilege: Access control is on a ‘need-to-know’ basis and is strictly enforced

  • Rule 3: Always verify and never trust

  • Rule 4: Inspect and log all traffic

  • Rule 5: The network is designed from the inside out

Smart IT security

Innovations in the world of malware, exploits and spy software occur extremely fast. That is why ON2IT is focused on staying ahead of cyberattacks. We do that with our strong commitment to developing efficient, innovative and smart IT security in order to minimize the impacts of any such attacks.

In this respect, we started with the development and implementation of the ON2IT Security Automation & Orchestration Platform (SAOP) some years ago. The first efficiency gain was the automation of every task that has to be repeated. With its further developed automated threat intelligence, the current Platform is unique and offers ambitious focus, analyses and solutions.

In addition to our SAOP Platform, we also work with the world’s most innovative IT security companies and are always trying to find the best IT-security start-ups to partner up with.

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