Webinar – March 21, 2023

NIS2 Webinar

Turning the NIS2 directive into measurable cybersecurity measures

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During the NIS2 webinar, our ISO Tim Timmermans dives into the ten basic measures of the NIS2 and translates them into real-world cybersecurity measures.

Under Article 21, the European NIS2 cybersecurity directive addresses a list of ten basic measures that organizations that fall under the “important” and “essential” category must address and/or implement.

In this webinar, we address a number of topics:

How to find out if the NIS2 measures apply to your organization

What measures may cause the most difficulties

How to translate the measures into measurable security controls

There will also be ample room for a Q&A session.

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Hosted by

Tim Timmermans

Tim Timmermans

ON2IT Information Security Officer

Date & Time

Tuesday, March 21, 2023
12:00 PM CEST (Europe)

This is a 45 minute webinar, including Q&A.The session will take place via Zoom.