Webinar – December 19th, 2023

maximizing your organization’s cybersecurity

How to gain maximum return on your ‘Zero Trust as a Service’ security investment.

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Organizations face complex and costly challenges when recovering from a cybersecurity incident.

Investments in past cybersecurity solution tools have led to an increase in isolated solutions that are disconnected from the organization.

In this webinar we discuss the economic impact of a security breach and what can we learn from (cost) analysis of past breaches.

In this webinar prof. dr. Yuri Bobbert (ON2IT Global CISO) will look at the following subjects:

Insights in the biggest risk reducing elements

The view of the Chief Financial Officer

How to reduce 75% of the breach cost

How to calculate a return on security investment

If you are looking for tangible benefits from Zero Trust, this is the best 45 minutes you can spend on this topic.

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Hosted by

prof. dr. Yuri Bobbert

ON2IT Global CISO, Professor at Antwerp Management School

Date & Time

Date: Tuesday, December 19th
12:00pm CEST (Europe)

This is a 45 minute webinar, including Q&A.The session will take place via Zoom.