the Big ON2IT Theory

We are looking for troubleshooters

Guys and girls that despise doing grunt work. People whose reflex is to automate their jobs by being creative, rather than moaning about how hard their life is. Nerds aren’t built to perform hard manual labor; they’re destined to create smart solutions so they can put their effort into actually interesting work. (Or Netflix, if there is no work left – #wonthappen).

Creativity comes in many shapes and forms. If you can script like a boss, get in touch. You’ll find our home-grown security automation and orchestration platform a very interesting playground. If you’re a 1337 troubleshooter who isn’t afraid of chewing packet captures for breakfast in order to pinpoint a customer network issue and fix it, reach out. If you like scavenger hunts for malware after an incident, call us. You get the idea.

(Lack of) prior credentials are not our prime focus. Having a hacker mindset, good sense of empathy, excellent communication and analytical skills is. We don’t believe in putting labels on people because it means imposing boundaries. We’re not a big fan of boundaries – we like to exceed them. We like to take care of our own. So on top of a good salary, you will be continuously trained in order to remain the best in what you do. And smarter than the rest.

We’ve been fighting mediocrity in the trenches of IT security for the past 13 years by providing excellent customer service delivered by highly intelligent, creative people and equally intelligent technology. Our objective is not to balloon shareholder value. Our objective is to improve our customer’s security posture against today’s and tomorrow’s cyber threats in the best and most efficient way possible.

We are ON2IT.

SOC engineer (junior)
SOC engineer (medior)