Traps 4.2 Advanced Endpoint Protection –
Install, Configure & Manage

PAN EDU-281 Training

Contents of EDU-281 training

During this 2-day training you will learn how Traps protects your organization from exploits and malware attacks. You will work on the installation, configuration and management of Traps 4.2 and Endpoint Security Manager (ESM), and the integration of Traps with Palo Alto Networks WildFire.

What prior knowledge is required?

  • Participants must have knowledge of and experience with Windows system management

  • Participants must be familiar with enterprise security concepts

Official training document
Location: ON2IT Netherlands (Waardenburg)
Adress: Regterweistraat 7
4181 CE Waardenburg
The Netherlands
Target group: IT architects, Security Engineers, Network Engineers and other technical support staff

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