Firewall 10.0
Improving Security Posture and Hardening PAN-OS Firewalls

PAN EDU-214 Training course

Contents of the EDU-214 training

This 3-day Palo Alto Networks hands-on lab course will enable you to manage and maintain an environment with PAN firewalls and gain the experience to enhance and configure a non-greenfield environment through security best practices.

In addition, you will be able to develop your own operational strategy to maintain a high level of compliance.

What you will learn:

  • Determine the effectiveness of your current security policies

  • Develop workflows for managing your security posture

  • Identify the use of rules in the different sets of security policies

  • Modify your existing policies to implement security best practices

  • Monitor network traffic using the interactive web interface and firewall reports

  • Utilize tools such as the BPA tool to further understand your environment

What prior knowledge is required?

  • Participants must have completed the Firewall Essentials (EDU-210) training course.

  • Be familiar with the basic concepts of security.

  • Having experience with other security technologies (IPS, Proxy, content filtering) is a plus

For who?

Security Engineers, Security Administrators, Security Operations Specialists, Security Analysts and Support Staff

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