Cortex XDR
Cortex XDR
Cloud security
Network security
Endpoint Security

Security apps

Cortex from Palo Alto Networks enables security teams to quickly and efficiently deploy the latest innovations. The cloud platform offers a large portfolio of APIs linked to security apps.

No more time lost on testing, integrating and implementing; now there’s drag-and-drop innovations for attack detection, analytics and automated response based on rules of engagement. No extra sensors or reinforcement, but a quick use of new possibilities and access to the Palo Alto Networks apps and those of their affiliated partners.

Expanded IT security, easy to use

Cortex makes it easy to install and manage the latest security options. Some of what it provides:

  • Analytics and machine learning, which help to obtain the proper insight and context in order to block attacks
  • Automated implementation of security policies – from endpoint to network to cloud. Including third-party threat intelligence
  • Security orchestration and automation for the conversion of manual security protocols into automated workflows
  • The identification of events and activities to recognize threats and be able to respond with the most effective actions

Data Lake

Cortex connects apps with Palo Alto Networks Data Lake, which gives you access to analytics and machine learning. Smart integration between sensors and data ensure that the apps have the proper analysis data, malware signatures and history of IP addresses, domain names and more.

The power of apps within Cortex

The open ecosystem of Cortex ensures that new security issues can be continuously solved. This allows security teams to quickly make use of the innovative possibilities without the need for extra sensors or reinforcements.