The ethical hackers from BitSensor developed their solution as hands-on experts in tracking down and solving security problems in organizations.

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Advanced Application Security & Insight

The BitSensor plug-in web application links a code with the application itself, so that security can immediately follow along in the application. Each step of a hacker is monitored, a risk profile is created, and a hack is stopped within 50 milliseconds.

Since its founding in 2016, BitSensor has received various Best Start-Up Awards from organizations such as Sprout, NRC, Accenture, IBM, TU Eindhoven, Philips.

Why we selected BitSensor

BitSensor uses open-source plug-in code, a form of software that is still too infrequently used in the security industry. The people at BitSensor are convinced of the utility of a security solution where you can see how and why something works. ON2IT agrees, and has included the application security in its Zero Trust Security Framework, so that it can offer a total IT security solution.