Zero Trust Strategy to Operation

How to bridge the gap between strategy and operation

Webinar  | October 19th, 10:00 AM (CET) |  45 minutes

Zero Trust Strategy & Operation webinar

Two Zero Trust powerhouses combined into one webinar: Rob Maas and prof. Yuri Bobbert discuss the bridge between strategy and operation.

Rob Maas, ON2IT Lead Architect and Forrester-acknowledged Zero Trust Strategist, knows the operational appliance of Zero Trust like no other. He’s been designing Zero Trust architectures since 2014 and regularly publishes articles about various aspects of Zero Trust.

According to him, there’s a noticeable shift from an operational approach to Zero Trust to the strategic level upon which CISOs and CIOs operate. “It’s about a risk approach: what is the impact if it goes wrong and how do I calculate the costs based upon that impact. This is a more economical approach than you’d usually have when thinking of an architecture,” says Maas.

Prof. Yuri Bobbert, ON2IT CISO and professor at the Antwerp Business school, has intimate knowledge of the world of CISOs and CIOs: he previously worked as a CISO at large, complex organizations and is actively involved in international Zero Trust initiatives.

In board rooms there’s the question of: why is Zero Trust a better approach for managing my cyber risks? How do we calculate the ROI of Zero Trust? It requires an integral approach, where strategy, management and IT-operations are better aligned.

In this 45 minute webinar, Bobbert and Maas will discuss matters such as:

  • Why has Zero Trust so far been mostly an operational strategy?

  • Why is boardroom commitment crucial for an effective Zero Trust approach?

  • What tools do I have to connect the strategy and operational sides of Zero Trust?

  • How can I form a transparant relationship between the economical risks and Zero Trust at the operational level?

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Target Audience

CIO’s, Risk officers, Risk managers, CRO’s, CISO’s, CDO’s, CPO’s, Security Architects, IT-Managers and Technology leaders

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prof. Yuri Bobbert
Rob Maas

Webinar host: Yuri Bobbert

Prof. Yuri Bobbert is ON2IT’s CISO. Before joining ON2IT, Bobbert was the Global Chief Information Security Officer at NN Group (Nationale Nederlanden). Next to his work at ON2IT, Bobbert is also a professor at the Antwerp Management School, where his team focuses on Cyberrisk & Security research and education. He obtained his PhD at the University of Antwerp and Radboud University with his thesis Improving the Maturity of Business Information Security.

ON2IT Lead Architect Rob Maas is this webinar’s co-host. Rob is an official Zero Trust Strategist and is an experienced architect with extensive knowledge of Zero Trust, next generation firewalls and networksegmentation.

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