Modernizing Cybersecurity with Authentic Zero Trust

June 9, 2021|

We understand the challenge in designing and building Zero Trust Architectures. ON2IT has implemented hundreds of authentic Zero Trust Architectures around the world. And, we are ready to help you.

Research paper ‘On the Design and Engineering of a Zero Trust Security Artefact’

April 23, 2021|

One of the speakers at the Future of Information and Communication Conference is our own Yuri Bobbert, CISO and professor at Antwerp Management School. He’ll be presenting his paper ‘On the Design and Engineering of a Zero Trust Security Artefact’, which discusses ON2IT’s Zero Trust Framework and the ongoing validation of this approach.

The broken DMZ security model

May 11, 2020|

The DMZ (Demilitarized zone) model can be found in the physical world, with the DMZ between North and South Korea being the most well-known. The idea of this DMZ is that it is neutral territory. Whenever there needs to be some sort of discussion impacting both parties, they meet in the DMZ. When network operators first started implementing the DMZ model, the idea was the same.

Network segmentation is not the same as Zero Trust

April 9, 2019|

The terms network segmentation and Zero Trust are used more and more, and have become proper buzzwords. We also see an increase in the number of requests ‘to segment the network’. What is actually meant, is if we can help setting up a Zero Trust environment.