Zero Trust RFC

ON2IT launches new services for implementing Zero Trust successfully

ON2IT announces the launch of three new services: Zero Trust Readiness, Zero Trust Fast Track and Zero Trust Coaching. The new ON2IT services, together referred to as Zero Trust RFC, have been designed to support organizations with successful Zero Trust implementations. More and more organizations acknowledge that this approach is crucial for protecting their data … Read more

Samantha is leaving – The harsh reality of the IT-staff shortage

Samantha is leaving. That’s annoying, because as a security architect, Sam has been involved with the company since the start, and she knows like no other what the company network looks like. But, there’s a shortage of IT staff and Sam has found a wonderful new challenge. Bye, Sam! This shortage of staff in the … Read more

ROI van Cybersecurity

The impact of cybersecurity on your organization’s profit

Return on Investment (ROI) in the context of cybersecurity measures is a hot subject. Which makes sense, as technology providers don’t want to position cybersecurity as a cost with no return. But how accurate is that discussion? Return on investment is originally an economic concept. You invest a sum of money, and you want to know whether … Read more

Hacker time

Hackers only need one unguarded minute. On average, you offer 60-150 days.

Software has vulnerabilities that provide hackers with the opportunity to steal data, install ransomware or sabotage your business. Criminal organizations and intelligence services are willing to pay a lot of money for vulnerabilities that (almost) no one knows about. Big bucks (or rather, cryptos) are paid for these zero-days on the so-called dark web, because … Read more

Secret van de cybersecurity industrie

Cybersecurity industry’s ‘dirty little secret’

Suppose you’ve hired an outside company to help you control failures in a complex production line at multiple locations. What would you prefer: A partner who throws as many alerts about faults as possible to your employees via their own central control room or A partner who filters and resolves as many alerts as possible … Read more


This should keep you up at night as a CEO: cybersecurity on pager duty

An international container terminal, a factory run by robots, a power plant, all places where every minute of downtime has a huge impact. In such 24/7 environments, you don’t depend on an employee on pager duty to be alerted in case of a critical outage, wake up and get in their car. Of course, you … Read more