Zero Trust and the network transformation

The sudden and forced rise in working from home has created a lot of work for a large number of companies. It may have already slipped our minds, but suddenly, your entire company needed to be able to work remotely. This may have led to some problems. The thing is, many companies don’t stop to … Read more

Zero Trust’s creator John Kindervag shares his insights with VentureBeat — Part I

John Kindervag, founder of Zero Trust, was interviewed by VentureBeat to share his insights into how the adoption of Zero Trust is progressing across organizations and governments globally and what he sees as essential to its growth. He touches topics such as ‘how do the organizations overcome barriers to adopting and implementing Zero Trust’ and … Read more

The global mission of Zero Trust innovator ON2IT

There might be notable cultural differences between Europe and the US, but when it comes to cybersecurity, the challenges faced by enterprises on both sides of the Atlantic are 99 percent similar.