ON2IT expands its Zero Trust as a Service (ZTaaS) platform with support for compliance

ON2IT, the managed cybersecurity service provider, announced today that it has expanded its Zero Trust as a Service (ZTaaS) platform AUXOTM with new features that allow customers to more easily meet compliance requirements, such as the NIS2 Directive. By combining a managed 24/7 SOC, Zero Trust dashboards and far-reaching compliance support, customers can more easily take … Read more

The war situation in Ukraine and cyber threats

On February 24, we sent out a security update on the cybersecurity implications of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In this new bulletin, we give you a status update on the most recent developments. General As we reported in our first bulletin, from our SOC/CERT perspective, the current situation is not (yet) specifically different from other … Read more


The Log4j lessons: If it ain’t broke, fix it now!

A blog series with the title The Log4J lessons might suggest that the fallout of the Log4j vulnerability is mostly behind us. Indeed, since the end of 2021, there has been a tremendous effort from technology vendors, SOC’s and IT departments to mitigate this threat. But given the widespread usage of this open-source logging library and the … Read more

More product better security

Using more security products won’t solve your cybersecurity problem

Have you ever run into this scenario: there is a yearly audit on the security posture of the organization and this requires certain measures to be in place. However, everyone within the security department knows that that one specific measure (let’s name it checkbox alpha) is not actually in place. They also know that, somewhere in the … Read more